Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue Fish

I have had fun this week. I seem to have turned to intense color while our outside world is so white. Spring is just around the corner and I am feeling it. This still life was lots of fun to do. I have had these little fish on my desk and window sill for years. I bought them intending to give them to my grandkids and ended up keeping them myself. They (the fish AND the grandkids) always cheer me up. while painting this one, I finally found a use for thalo blue. I was always so leery of using it because it is so intense but I needed a turquoise for some of the highlights and accidentally found out that it makes a perfect turquoise. I took artistic license with the color of the shadow and really like the turquoise instead of the grey that showed in the photo.

I was unsure what color to paint the window frame but after looking at my color wheel decided that an orangy hue would reflect the orange in the fish. I think it worked out well. Here is a close up of my fish. Hope this one cheers you up like it did me.

The painting is 16x20 on canvas using a variety of brands of acrylic. Now that I see it on line, I see that the opening of the jar is a bit wonky. I will be more careful on the next one. I want to do a series of the blue glass. I have a collection of jars and vases to choose from.
Thanks for looking.

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