Monday, January 25, 2010

This probably seems familiar to those few people who read this blog. I have moved to a new address and hope that I do not make the mistake I did to loose control of my earlier attempt. So here is a recap of my last post on the old blog and on to bigger and better---

TA-DA! Finished! This Greyhound is the most ambitious painting I have every undertaken. It is huge (for me) about 30x 36 inches. It has taken me about two months of working on it to get it done. I think it will be while before I attempt one this complicated and big.
Hope someone likes it well enough to purchase it. Dan has some friends who might like it enough to purchase it. If not maybe they will be inspired to commission a painting of their car -- the shiny parts of it is my preference. This one will be my centerpiece for the show later this spring at the Landkamer Building gallery space.

There is a little cropped off the bottom that I did not notice until I up-loaded the photo from the camera. In the original you see all the Ford logo and more of the chrome trim. I think the viewers eye is carried around the painting very well, from the focal point of the dog's head and feet down to the logo around the trim and back again.

Now on to a new series that should not take so long to finish. I have lots of photos from Italy that are just waiting to get up on canvas.

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