Monday, January 25, 2010

Moved to a new blog home

Some of you have heard about my issues with passwords. Thus I am now writing my blog under another title and name. I think this one will be easier for people to find in the future since it has my name in the title. I do want people to know me, Margie Larson, as an artist. So the new blog begins with a copy of the last entry in my old blog. As time goes on I plan to move some photos of my paintings that I produced earlier this year, so that I can have them all in one place. The old blog will sit and not be added too. Here is the old address.

Lately I have been working trying to increase the number of paintings I will have to put into my show at the Landkamer Building which starts in March. Here is one that I have been working on. I have changed it considerably but like to let you know how my creative process moves. I did start with a photo of the falls that I took in Italy. It has changed considerably since the photo I used to paint from was not really that good. It was dark and I really wanted to show the way the low sun lit the small pond and rocks surrounding the little fall. I also wanted to work with water to see what I could do with it. I will take another photo tomorrow morning to show what has changed. About the only thing I have not changed is the composition.

I took today off from the studio -- feeling confused on how to finish the painting without over working it. Also it is probably the worst day of the year weather wisethere is a blizzard going on out there. Our garbage can has blown into the neighbors yard and I have not gone out to rescue it. It is way to cold! It feels good to just cocoon for a change. And then too, I had time to make the decision to move my blog to a new address.

All for now--on to making supper and more cocooning.

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