Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another finished

In my last post,  I mentioned that I would have the latest landscape finished and ready to show you. I was skeptical about that because when I went home at the end of a long day, I was really conflicted about the painting. I had a serious problem (I thought) with the lower right hand corner. After a break from it, I came back with fresh eyes and ready to make the finishing touches. Two hours later this is how it turned out. I changed some of the rocks in the lower right so that they were not so uniform. (left brain taking over--a rock is a rock is a rock thinking) Brightened up the back ground and the middle ground boulders. The painting now looks like I wanted it. Low back-lit sun shine glancing across the top of the waterfall and lighting up the rocks. I will gaze at it for a bit. Come up to it with fresh eyes again and see if there are any changes that need to be made. So far I think I can call this one finished.

Italian Waterfall--acrylic on canvas, 24"X18"---painted from my photo taken on site in Italy using the composition and idea of low sun shine on the falls. The photo was dark and colors lifeless so I used my artistic license to change the colors. I remember being so surprised that there was a wild area like this in Italy. When I thought of Italy it was always of the towns, cities and cultivated fields of grapevines, never of a wild park with streams like we find in our own ravines. Silly me---


Here is another painting for the show that I completed while I was blogless--From a fun photo I found on wet canvas of a back lit scene that I am drawn to. This one flowed pretty quickly from my brush. The blue in the shadows on the sun stream is too bright in the photo. They are more blue grey in real life and therefore more realistic.

Sun Stream--acrylic on canvas, 20"X16"

I am getting closer to my goal for paintings to hang in the Landkamer Building show space. I want to have another chrome piece done by March and at least one or two more landscapes.  I have been trying to decide what to call the show. Since the two styles of paintings, chrome and landscapes, are so different, I am thinking of a title like--Of Two Minds, Split Personality, Two Sides of an Artist----or-----something similar.

All for now.

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