Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painting in the Studio

Ever since we got rained out on Saturday, it has rained and been gloomy every day.  Here it is June 21st,  the longest day of the year and we have grey skies, no sun to enjoy and so much rain the ditches are running full.

So what does one do? One goes to the studio that we pay rent for and camp out there. I can't complain too much because I had fun with this painting. It is so different from my landscapes and flowers. I have never done a figure or a face with oil. I totally enjoyed the last three afternoons.  I think I am finished with this one but will look at it for a while and decide if it needs touch up any where.

Here she is "Lisa--Glowing" My son took a cell phone photo of Lisa, his wife, one night when they were playing on the Mississippi near their home. I interpreted the photo in this painting. Loved doing it and plan on more figure paintings in the future. The back lighting was a fun to work with. I wanted the light to look like an aura around Lisa. I left her face until last, worried about doing a face in oil paint. Or a face in any medium at all! Her features are recognizable but not necessarily as our Lisa.

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