Monday, June 20, 2011

Paint Out--Rained Out!

Gerry and I sponsored a paint out on Saturday. We decided that down town Mankato has lots of interesting buildings and pocket parks so we volunteered a site near the Emy Frentz Guild. We have the Cray Mansion, The Hubbard House with it's gardens and many other interesting buildings in the area. And the building near by for breaks and a quick snack before starting the day.

We set up early. Mark and Laura from Morristown and Faribault arrived right on time. Pat from St. James came, too. She heard about the paint out when we were at the Arts by the River. Good to have her here. Then Joan came and so we had 6 of us on a day that was supposed to be dry and partly sunny. HA! Look at these photos.

Another good reason to have a plein air umbrella. Gerry struggling to close up her easel in a down pour 
AND keep a hand on her umbrella. 

Laura running to shelter in the Emy Frentz building. We all got soaked!

The morning went well, even though the promised sun did not show. We had taken a break for lunch in the gallery leaving our easels where we had set up. Gerry decided to go out to finish her painting but quickly came back to say it was starting to rain--better get our stuff! Just then the sky opened like a zipper and the rain came down in buckets full. We all ran out to pick up our stuff. What a blast we were laughing and running, making more than one trip and getting wetter and wetter. The water was running in the streets ankle deep. Joan was trying to take shelter in the gazebo in the garden but the roof was not solid. She was wetter than any of us. Her water colors are now wet into wet.

Thank Goodness, we had the gallery to shelter in. We dried off, had a cup of coffee to warm up and then broke up early for the day. We did have fun and have some funny memories of this paint out. But no finished paintings. We will definitely do this again---on a sunny day.

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