Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter scenes

I think I am in the winter doldrums. I have been painting but not a lot. There has not been much to write about here on my blog. The other day I committed my self to a pay it forward game on facebook. I was really disappointed when I only got two responses to my call to pay it forward. Of course I went ahead anyway and here are my results.
Snow! What else this winter. Hardly anyone in the whole US of A is missing out on snow this year. I was inspired by our first really heavy snow in November. The tree limbs were breaking every where. We had a really pretty maple tree in our back yard split right down to the ground. Evergreens know how to bow to the heavy snow and take on really soft shapes. I decided to use very different color schemes for each of my attempts to show how that snow changed the looks of the trees. These are watercolor about 11x14.  First a warm sunrise. and then a night scene.
This one is a bit lighter in color than shown here. And will be given backwards on my pay it forward to the gal that got me into this project. Thanks Jill, got me painting.
A nocturne. I always wanted to try a night scene. This one is made up and I really had fun making the stars shine in the night sky. This one is for my DIL Joey. Now all I have to do is get these delivered. The final one is already delivered and was a really pretty pink and purple color scheme. Many happy snow days to you all. Since it is already February we can imagine this snow melting away and
 spring just around the corner!

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