Saturday, February 19, 2011

Red Red Rose--Blue Blue Dogwood? Kind of Green Succulent

  • I thought that I had posted photos of the rose and dogwood blossom paintings earlier last year but find that I have not. The rose was done last summer and is my inspiration of a new series of flowers.
  •  I did lots of glazing on the reds and the surface is very smooth and deep. I started with a yellow under coat and worked to the deeper reds from there. It just glows.This one is a bit larger than the paintings I am working on now. About 18x26 oil on deep sided canvas.

Touch of God

Next up is a giant dogwood blossom for blue on my color wheel of flowers. There is much more texture on this one than the rose has just like the flower has in real life. This one is also 18x24 Oil on deep sided  canvas.

Here is the next step of my succulent. (see my previous post) I added the purple shadows. I really have to let this one dry for a while before I add the touch of pink to the tips of the fat little leaves. I do not want them to smear. This is a fun project. Working on the iris this week and will post a photo of the progress.

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