Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is Busy!

But not busy with painting projects. I have taken a bit of a vacation this week. First we had Father's day and that weekend is always a big car show at the state fair grounds. Then it was really busy with running with my mom. My grandson,Avery, was with us this week and I like to spend time with him. He is a talented boy, musically and artistically. Right now he is more interested in his band that he is part of so the art side of his personality is kind of dormant. These are little drawings he did while I attempted to paint outside in our yard. Mine was not successful. You really have to keep your hand in plein air painting to get good at it. He was quite satisfied with his. He told me that his art teacher had them draw from life and he chose the poinsettia to draw. He has it memorized. Two little drawings, 3x5 from my sweet grandson.

Next I would like to get him to paint something on canvas with my acrylics. With some luck I will be posting that soon. Better get to painting myself too.
Here is a photo from the clouds we had last night after a really big storm. That kept us busy cleaning up the yard and drying out the basement and garage. A bit of a flood in the garage. Dan found the reason and we hope that the storm we have coming tonight will not bring the same results.

These are mammatus clouds. They were above us before the storm and then we saw them again after the storm. Wikipeida says they form under an anvil cloud. And anvil clouds bring big storms.That would be what we had. Lots and lots of rain and some pea sized hail. Our yard was flooded with run off from our neighborhood. We live in a rural subdivision and rely on ditches and culverts to take the water away and down our ravine. It was really gushing. The prediction is for more storms tonight. Let's hope that they are not as bad and that we do not get more hail and wind.

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