Sunday, June 13, 2010

Addition to Chrome File

I am coming to understand why I enjoy doing the chrome paintings. Beside the fact that they turn out so cool. ;-) Each of them pushes me to a new color scheme. When I am doing a plein air, I use the tried and true, warm and cool triad of yellow, red and blue with white. With the chrome paintings I find myself using new colors in very different ways. When I go to my class with Robert Burridge in August, I expect that he will be pushing the class to even more new color schemes. I love to learn and the chrome paintings are helping me learn more about color. Here is another new one that I did of the chrome on my own 61 Ford Starliner.  These are the star details on the roof post. This one got even more abstract in the finish. Dan would like to see this one displayed on its side, horizontal instead of vertical. I can see it both ways but like it best in the vertical. So I signed it that way in marker so it is decided. No going back now.
There is an artist across the hall from my studio who is painting wall sized abstracts that appear to be super enlarged close ups of chrome reflections but not that exactly. They are very complex and quite intriguing. Anyway, sometimes I wonder what these would look like if I did them even more abstract and very large. Someday.........................
61 Starliner Stars
11x14 acrylic on wood panel
June 2010

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