Monday, May 3, 2010

One Down another to go up

It is hard to believe that two months have passed since I put up my show in the Landkamer building. This morning Dan and I took all of the 17 paintings down in in less than a half hour. Clean walls for the next artist to hang her work. This was such a special thing for me. I had NEVER had such an opportunity before. And it was very satisfying to hear that my friends liked my work.

Now I need to prepare for another small show in the River Rock Coffee house in St. Peter a little town just north of Mankato. St. Peter has a very active arts community and I am sure that many people will see my paintings there. I will put up my landscapes. When I talked to the manager there she said that they have room for about 18 paintings. I should be able to do that without the chrome group. I need to keep them down because I also have a little show scheduled for the second Saturday of June at the Stones Throw Gallery in St. Peter. That means that June will be nice and busy for me. YEA!

I have been painting a group of poppies on commission for my sister. Sorry Mary-- I do not like what I have started and so I am tossing what I have and going to start over. There are just some parts of the painting that I do not like. The composition was hap-hazzard and I need to study how poppies grow before I start on the commission again. I want this to be right for her. So Mary it will be a little longer before you get to hang the new painting.

Speaking of hanging paintings. I finally was able to give my Mom her birthday present. It was hanging in my show from the beginning of March until now.  I did show this watercolor earlier in the blog. Now it is framed in a black mat and frame and looks very impressive if I do say so myself. ;-)
Mom had to wait from her birthday at the beginning of March until now to have her gift at home. Thanks for your patience Mom. We had a hard time trying to find the right wall to put it on. I will be surprised when she finally decides where she will hang the painting. All for now. Tomorrow more plein air.

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