Friday, May 14, 2010

Airplane with final touches

Put the finishing touches on the Blue and Chrome Airplane yesterday. It was a busy day painting and today was a day of just doing other things. I wrote out the notes that I took at the Parish Council meeting last night. I am not used to doing that kind of work any more and it takes longer than it did when I was taking notes for money--before retirement. ;-) Then the Friday Muses got together. We had a new artist visit us. We hope Ruthann Miller can become one of our regulars. She is a multi-media artist with lots of creativity in her work. Later a visit to my Mom to catch up on family goings on and to show her the new painting of the poppies that I finished this week. And finally a casual dinner out with Dan and some street rod friends. Busy day and time to crash for the night.
Here is the new chrome airplane--oil on gallery wrap canvas. 24x 16. Hope you like it.

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