Monday, January 27, 2014

The holidays flew by, January has had us frozen in our tracks. I have a week to finish writing my grant for one final emerging artist grant. I need to start painting again. I think it has almost been a month and a half since I did any thing in my studio. Time to hop back in there and create.

I have been doing art related things in this painting hiatus.  My oasis paintings are in the new Prairie Lakes show for grantees from two years ago. They look really good and everyone wanted to live in the scenes of desert palm trees. What a great show, you need to stop over at the St. Peter Art Center on Minnesota Ave. to see all the great art. I am proud to be a part of that show.

"Oasis I," oil on canvas, (with lots of hot air for cold Minnesotans)

I delivered one of my oil and cold wax paintings to St. Paul's Monastery in Maplewood, MN for their "Seeing God" art show. The opening is Wednesday evening. We will not attend but I will go up on Saturday to see the show. I announced that I had taken the piece, "Fiery Spirit" to the show on FaceBook and one of my dear friends, liked it and bought it! I told her that she will really love it when she sees it in person. The texture just cannot be photographed well enough to see all the depth in these oil and wax paintings.
Fiery Spirit--oil and cold wax on canvas

There  is another juried show at Woodbury Lutheran Church. A similar theme for the show as the monastery's show--A visual bridge to God's truths.  I like these themed juried shows. I have a couple of paintings that will work for this show which starts in March.  Onward to another full year of art.

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