Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving on to Abstract Cold Wax Paintings

Sometimes I am really inspired by a workshop that I take and sometimes the workshop is just a really fun vacation. The workshop I took with Jim Scherbarth in January, is one that has inspired me to create and create and create for the past three months. The work can so slowly or sometimes the paintings fall together without a second thought. The really great thing about this style of painting is that if  I am not happy with what is happening I just put another layer on and start a new idea. The more layers the juicier and more interesting  the painting becomes. Here are some of the works I have just put a final polish on. My husband will put a cradle on the back of the boards for me and then they will go out to be seen by the world.

"Remember the Sun Rise"

"Remember the Wind"

"There is Joy"

These first three paintings were selected to be shown at the Carnegie Art Center annual show. I pick them up on Saturday the final day of the month long show. I received lots of  questions about what cold wax was and the process of using it to create paintings. I will probably do a demonstration at the art center later this fall. 

"Shooting Star"

"Celestial Orbs"


I scratch in words sometimes in the under paintings. The words are usually my inspiration for the painting. But sometimes are just there for texture.  With these paintings above I had a little outer space theme going. I am a bit of  a trekkie from way back.

"Yellow Square"
This one is done on a canvas panel that had a failed watercolor painting glued to it. I tried to pull the painting off but ended up with a rough border all around.The mistake is now an interesting painting.

"Three Squares"
I wish you could see these in person. A photo just does not show the depth of the painting, the textures and subtle colors that come from the under paintings showing through.  One suggestion is that I go bigger with these paintings. The largest so far has been 11 x 14. Therefore, I am working on a 18 x 20 canvas that I have in the studio.

For those of you who are curious. Here is a link to Rebecca Crowell's article about her cold wax paintings. Rebecca has been using and teaching this method for years. One of her workshops is on my to-do list for next year.

This video will help you understand a bit more on how I use this method.

I have about four or five more paintings in process in the studio right now. There are so many different techniques to experiment with that I cannot stop.  I have run out of panels and now am working on larger canvases that I have in stock. If I decide that I do not like the canvas to paint on, I will get my sweetie to make some cradled panels in larger sizes.  Photos of of the new set will follow shortly. Don't let me forget to update the blog!

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  1. I followed a link from my blog and ended up on your beautiful blog! Love your paintings and your photography too ! will be back for more :)