Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carnegie Art Center Members Show

I rejoined the Carnegie Art Center this summer as a member.  Personally I wish I would get a reminder to rejoin,  details like renewal of memberships always get lost in the clutter of my life. Just ask my friends how many times I have to be reminded about our next outing.

Any way.........I rejoined so that I could be part of the current member show going on at the art center. A cheesy way to get my paintings out there so people can see them and admire my wonderful work. (this is me being a bit sarcastic) No juries to tell us what they like. The show is up all month and the Carnegie has hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Hope you can find time to stop by to see all the work. Here are the two I decided to show. I am glad I could just put them out there. Have a feeling neither would pass a judge. (sarcasm..again)

"Lisa on the Beach" (oil on canvas) on one of those hot days this summer that required that you spend it near water. I wanted to give that feeling of hot humid air. I hope Lisa had her feet in the water to keep her cool.

This is a semi-abstract that I did this past spring. It is watercolor on paper that I then mounted on a gallery wrapped canvas. It really is a change in my work and needs to be seen in person to get the full effect of the close values of the painting. Called this one "Intersections"

I am working on new projects at my studio and trying to find a theme for my next show a year from now.  I need to work toward another theme besides flowers and landscapes or try to make those themes newer and  more interesting. I am feeling frustrated....................and reading about creativity.

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