Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Try spelling Minnewishinona

Indian names are so beautiful but awfully hard to spell. This little fall(s?) is in a new county park. Eventually it will be easier to see but at this time, I had to lean over a very shaky fence to see the falls and still had brush and leaves in the way. This was a late afternoon painting and the rocks were in full sun and blindingly bright. I was kind of hoping to have more water in the falls but even with all the rain we have had, it must drain away pretty quickly. We will have more opportunities at this site when the park is made accessible. There will be a bridge build right over the ravine the falls have carved. Should be a good view. Until then, here is the view I had last week.
8x10 oil on canvas.
Next up will be a little one of a friend's back yard. See you later.

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